Don't let the summer festivities ruin you financially!

Mihkel Vetemaa

6/1/20222 min read

It has been a month since our official launch, the summer is here and I have a few updates I wanted to share with you.

It feels like I have waited for ages for this summer (you probably feel the same 😊 ) and it's really easy to get carried away with all the festivals, parties, and other activities.

But this summer can be different, with Bilance you can still have fun but also be smart and aware of your expenses.

Here are 5 tips and some feature updates to help you be on top of your finances and still have a rocking sunny season.

1. Set limits in advance

Sit down and create a budget for the summer months. Choose which concerts you want to attend and how much you are willing to spend on each.

2. Track your spending

You can't change what you don't measure. A monthly overview will make you more aware of your summer spending habits and highlight where there's room for improvement. 🧐

3. Eliminate expenses

Cancel subscriptions or memberships you're not using. Review all your recurring payments and consider what could be canceled. Where else could you save from? Maybe riding a bike instead of a taxi.

4. Keep your savings rate in mind

It's okay if you are not able to maintain a high savings rate throughout the summer. Sometimes you got to have fun also but don't let it drop to zero. Decide what's the minimum you want to maintain. This way you can still feel proud at the end of the summer.

5. Earn extra cash

Host a garage sale or sell clothes online that you are not wearing. You can also pick up a side hustle, such as delivering food for courier apps.💪

NB! If you already haven't, then check out the new Month in Review feature to see all your insights about Your last month.

  • How did Your cash flow compare to the previous month?

  • What were your biggest expenses?

  • Where a budget could help you?

  • And much more. 😊

I hope you find these tips useful and have a really great summer!

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Mihkel Vetemaa
CEO of Bilance

Tips for great financial summer 🤩

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